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About T2A pricing

Access to the T2A API is based on a credits system, with each service costing a different number of credits per use.

Credit prices

When purchasing credits, it is better to buy large quantities in order to benefit from our bulk discount.

Number of credits Price (excl. VAT) Price per credit (excl. VAT)
850 credits £25 2.9p
3,600 credits £100 2.8p
18,500 credits £500 2.7p
39,000 credits £1,000 2.6p
60,000 credits £1,500 2.5p
100,000 credits £2,000 2p
200,000 credits £3,000 1.5p
500,000 credits £5,000 1p

Service prices

Service name Credits per use Price per use from Notes
Search for a person 10 10p Searches the edited electoral register, phone book, Companies House and consumer data for a UK resident.
Find person at an address 4 4p Returns person(s) living at a specified postcode and house number, and any telephone numbers.
Search for a business 2.5 2.5p Search the telephone directory and Companies House data for a business by name or company number.
Search for an address/postcode 1.7 1.7p Important information regarding Royal Mail PAF Licencing: Credits per lookup may only be used for public-facing websites - for internal organisational use or for high volume public-facing websites, please contact us so that we may select a suitable Royal Mail licence for your needs.
TPS/CTPS check a telephone number 0.05 0.01p Incorporate Telephone Preference Scheme (TPS) number checking into your system(s).
Geo-Code a telephone number 10 10p Pinpoint the geographic origin of an inbound call or track the location of your mobile staff using their mobile phone number.
Geo-Code an address 0.01 0.01p Return the latitude and longitude (and usually northings and eastings) of an address.
Reverse Geo-Code 2 2p Converts a position (latitude, longitude) into the nearest UK address and postcode.
Find company details 2 2p
Find director details 15 15p Returns a company appointments list for a named individual plus additional information.
Find a location from an IP Address 0.01 0.01p Pinpoint the geographic location of a given IP Address.
Send a text message 6 6p Incorporate text messaging into your website or other system.
Check the bereavement register 100 £1 Use this service to check if a named individual appears on The Bereavement Register. You will only be charged if we find a match. For your convenience you can also check multiple records against our deceased persons data.
Bulk check the bereavement register 0.005 0.005p Upload your data file to bulk check for deceased individuals. There is a small charge of 0.005 credits for each record uploaded and an additional charge of 100 credits for each record marked as deceased.
Download a company document 50 50p Check if filed documents exist for a company and download the required documents.
Get a company credit report 50 50p Get a current credit rating and other financial information.
Telephone number appending 1.5 1.5p Upload a CSV and append a telephone number to each consumer or business record.
Validate a person 10 10p Verify a person exists in our extensive dataset of people records.
Check company name availability 0.01 0.01p
Find UK dialling codes 0.01 0.01p
Find international dialling codes 0.01 0.01p
Validate a telephone number 0.01 0.01p
Validate a credit card number 0.01 0.01p
Validate an email address 0.01 0.01p
Validate a VAT number 0.01 0.01p
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