A powerful API for finding UK people, addresses and telephone numbers.

T2A offers a wide range of data capture and cleansing capabilities for your website or application via an API. Whether you need to find people, telephone numbers or capture and verify UK postal addresses - we can help. The T2A API is depended on by a variety of websites and applications but especially ukphonebook.com which uses T2A to allow users to search the UK telephone directory and TPS check telephone numbers for free.

  • Find people at an address

    Find people at an address

    Find the names and telephone numbers of all residents at a specific address by entering a postcode and premises.

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  • Mobile location

    Mobile location

    Pinpoints the precise geographical location of a mobile phone simply by using the phone number. This service can also be used to determine the location of a landline number.

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  • Electoral roll searching

    Electoral roll searching

    Search the edited UK electoral roll. We provide name and address information for all UK residents over the age of 18 who have registered on the Electoral Roll since 2002.

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  • Find residential telephone numbers

    Find residential telephone numbers

    Create your own custom-built directory enquiries facility with our residential phone numbers data.

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  • Find my nearest

    Find my nearest

    We can help your customers to find you, whether it's your stores, offices or other locations. Add a customised store locator to your website without complicated coding.

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T2A supplies you with the high quality data required for developing professional websites and business applications. Our wide range of web services can be incorporated into any system to ensure products and services are up to date, accurate, intuitive and fast.

T2A services are delivered over the web, allowing us to ensure that you are receiving the most up to date information available. We collate our data from multiple sources including BT OSIS, Royal Mail PAF, UK Electoral Roll and TPS (to name just a few). Find out more about T2A data sources.